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About Us


TC SOL FUTSAL was founded on 4 core values. Our principles shape not only how we play but how we show up for and in our communities.



The game of Futsal, especially as it relates to total player development is an integral component. The speed of play, technical/tactical benefits, number of touches, decision making skills and FUN associated with the game are unmatched. If your young player is not playing Futsal, now is the time to get involved!


Skill development for any sport involving kids requires one very important criteria... FUN
When young players are engaged while learning their ability to retain and use new subject matter drastically increases when they're having fun! 


Contrary to the exorbitant fees often found in the pay-to-play model Sol Sqaud believes all kids should have access to Futsal regardless of background or financial status.


Our community programming model offers FREE CLINICS and our competitive programming model was built on keeping costs affordable for families.




There are a multitude of communities that are represented in our Sol Squad Family. We believe in the collective power of people and giving freely of our time, skills, and support to the communities who need us. We believe in the collective thought that we are greater together.


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